Car tracking company in Borno State, Nigeria


Fenix system is Nigeria’s leading Car tracking company in Borno State, Nigeria offering Vehicle tracking and fleet management nationwide. We have offices in almost all Nigerian states which includes major cities such as Lagos, Kano, Kaduna, Abuja, and Port Harcourt, we specialize in providing turnkey security products and services which includes; fleet technologies and fleet management services, vehicle tracking and sales of car tracker devices.

car tracking companies in Nigeria

Fenix system is the only Car tracking company in Borno State, Nigeria that is duly registered with NCC and SON. We’ve been providing top notch car security services to vehicle owners in Borno State, Nigeria for over 5 years now and you can be rest assured that we are the best organization to secure your fleet or cars with no hassles. Our clientele  ranges from corporate organizations to individuals who want  to enjoy guaranteed security for their vehicles. We offer a comprehensive Fleet Management Solution and the required technical support with a well trained technical team offering installations and maintenance nationwide.

Looking For Top Car tracking company in Borno State, Nigeria?

In 2014, we were rated the best in the  Telementry survey conducted by the Association of Telementry Professionals and We have over the years proven that we are indeed the best of the best. Without doubt there are over a thousand car tracking companies in Borno State, Nigeria but none of them can offer the exceptional services we give our clients. We provide free consultation and guidance for every vehicle owner that which to secure their assets. Our car security system ranges from steering locks to vehicle alarm Security system. So if you are want a total security for your car, then you are at the right place.

We are located here in Lagos state, Nigeria. You can find us at #19, Ogunbanwo Street, Ketu, Lagos. We have offices in Port Harcourt and Abuja. We believe from these locations, we can serve clients from any part of Nigeria.

car tracking companies in Nigeria

Unlike other vehicle Tracking companies in Borno State, Nigeria, we don’t extra charge our clients. All our tracking packages are once off payments. No monthly Subscription charges! No yearly Subscription charges! You pay once and your automobile is secured for life. So why wouldn’t you work with us? Do you want an honest and customer friendly car tracker in Borno State, Nigeria ? fenix system is here to serve, A trial will convince you.

You don’t have to come to our office, We come to you. We can install at a place of your choice. The process is not more than 30minutes. After the installation, our expert will train you how you can track and monitor your vehicle all by yourself with no hitch. Give us a call today and we will be happy to guild you on the best package that will be perfect for you.
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See What People Thinks About Fenix System

Fenix system has been around for over 7 years and with this short period, we’ve been able to serve over 1000 satisfied clients all over the country.  Just incase you are wondering if we are the right company to handle your car tracking project, perhaps few testimonials below could convince you. We hate doing this, but just to prove that we will be glad to add you to our happy customer list, here is a few testimonials for your perusal.


How Our System Works

1. Monitor fuel level
2. Arm/disarm by SMS remotely
3. Track by time interval via SMS/GPRS
Live track the car with any phone even with a Nokia 3310
5. Check the car’s real physical address(such as city name, street name..)
6. Check the location by Google map’s URL
7. Two-way talking function(optional) & voice monitoring function
8. Vibration alert, door open alert, movement alert and ignition on alert & power failure alert
9. Mileage calculation function (=odometer)
10. Geo-fence alert (radius range: 0.1~99KM);
11. Over-speed alert (speed range:1~255km/h);
12. SOS button to call for help in case of emergency;
13. Open/close car door remotely;
14. Start your engine remotely by SMS;(optional)
15. Cut off engine to stop the car safely by SMS/GPRS;
16. Inbuilt 4Mb data logger to store the offline GPS waypoints

No Monthly Subscription, No Rental, No Yearly Renewal

Our Vehicle Tracking device is installed in your vehicle or fleet and also using a cellphone with sms and internet capabilities you can now enjoy higher peace of mind of being able to know the geographic place, coordinates, direction, and also other associated info of the automobile anytime in any place. Any phone can be utilized for this purpose even a Nokia 3310. We will certainly be glad to speak with you. Do not hesitate to call us. 08039422997.Every setup outsides Lagos, Abuja, Benin, Enugu, Onitsha and also Port Harcourt attracts N5,000 extra for logistics and Transport. Our method of payment consists of: Cash, Cheque, Bank transfer and also Online transfer