frsc speed limiter approved centres & contacts

Fenix system wishes to help every Nigeria online researchers hoping to get answers for frsc speed limiter approved centres & contacts. We are a leading installer of car trackers and [next_page anchor=”speed limiters in Nigeria”], and it is worthy of note that we are dully approved by The federal road safety commission(FRSC) and Standards Organisation of Nigeria(SON)

If you are in Nigeria and you own a commercial vehicle or fleet of cars, It shouldn’t be a news to you that FRSC on the 1st of February 2017, implemented the speed limiters for commercial vehicles and they are all out in their numbers to penalize defaulters due to the fact that vehicle owners were given a grace of over 12 months to get the speed governors installed.


If you are yet to install yours, its paramount you do it urgently as they are not taking it likely with offenders. Since the date of implementation, we’ ve been able to install over 5000 vehicles in just 3 states. The trouble we face now is the scarcity of installers as we get more demands daily than the installers we have on ground.

So if you found our website because you came online to search for frsc speed limiter approved centres & contacts then you are in luck. You have little or no time to book an appointment now for your own installation. Don’t wait to be harassed or embarrassed by the members of the corps. They are head bent on penalizing defaulters. At the moment, they even go around with Army and police for the stubborn drivers that would want to resist them. As you already know, The federal road safety commission(FRSC) don’t carry Guns or Cains(koboko) but the armies and police do. So now you understand why they working with the police.

Am sure nobody wants to get embarrassed or humiliated by the Nigerian army or The Police. Call us today to get your speed limiter installed. Remember only [previous_page anchor=”approved vendors of FRSC”] has the right to install this devices so don’t get yourself involve with fraudsters that pretends to be approved speed limiters vendor. Its in the news that a lot of Nigerians are already falling prey to this quack vendors who claim to be approved so be careful so that you don’t fall for them.

frsc speed limiter approved centres & contacts? Watch This

After the Installation of speed limiter device, You vehicle will need to be calibrated according to FRSC standards and issuance of certificate follows. If you get someone to install for you, ensure you get your vehicle calibrated and make sure you are issue the certificate as well. Only approved vendors can issue certificates. I hope this little piece of article help with you search for frsc speed limiter approved centres & contacts. We will be glad to hear from you. Call our contact Number to schedule an installation and to discuss pricing. We will definitely be ecstatic to work for you. Thanks.