Speed Limiters Installation Company in Nigeria

You are welcome to our site; we are number one website that deals on the sale and installation of speed limiters in Nigeria. Speed kills, and the best option is to install a vehicle speed limit from a reliable firm.

Over the years, we have been in the business of installing speed limiters and car trackers to both private and corporate organizations in Nigeria, and we have done this in an amazing manner. Those that have benefited from our services keep on recommending our sites to their myriads of friends, family and colleagues. We have every reason to say categorically that every user will surely get great value by using our products.


Speed Limiter & Tracking
Speed record 360 hours(TXT)
Speed limit/Control
Download Speed Report Automatically
Pulse Speed Model(only)
Over Speed Alarm
Data recorder
With USB Port for data download
Up-gradable firmware
Location with Map
SMS Engine Control
12 Months Warranty
SMS Engine Control
Web/PC Tracking
Voice Monitoring

More than 80% of our previous users have adjudged our speed limiting device to be great. We are a subsidiary of Impactcentric Techniks, a unique firm that deals on the installation of security and surveillance packages.

Fenix system is pleased to inform our esteemed visitors that our company is among the accredited firms that would be installing speed governors on people’s cars. The FRSC made it succinctly clear that if you fail to install it on your car, you would be exceedingly penalized- you would pay fine.

We know most people won’t like to pay fines, so the best thing remains trying as much as possible to install these speed limiters.

All the drivers plying on Nigerian roads are encouraged by this notice to make sure they install speed limiter on their vehicles. There is no exception to this rule, both those driving private cars and commercial vehicles like trucks, and buses.

Installing a speed limiter to your vehicle is very essential. It will curtail you from over-speeding, and remind you always to drive carefully. To ensure that you improve your driving experience, our company has installed and invested heavily on manpower and turnkey devices.

We install all kinds of speed limiters. After buying, we can install it for you at a highly reduced price. FRSC did not approve every firm to be selling and installing this device- it is only few accredited speed limiter companies that are given this privilege of installing it, and we are happy to inform you that our sister company is among the ones approved to carry out this task successfully.

We are very confident of our services, and we do believe that you will never have any cause to regret using our services. Our speed limiter will guarantee both your safety on the road, and the safety of your vehicle.
When you install it, it will be reminding you anytime you mistakenly attempt to over-speed the recommended speed limit on the road. We are humans, and often saturated with problems.

So, it is possible to be lost in thought when we are driving on the road, this is why we need to have something that would be reminding us whenever we attempt to over-speed.

By this notice, FRSC has made it a rule that not installing a speed-limiter is another big offence, just like not wearing helmet, seat belts, eating, chatting or making calls while driving. The best way to remain on track is by installing speed limiter on your car plus enhances your engine power.

We have highly dedicated staffs that are doing everything humanly possible to serve you in a professional manner. Our staff knows their onions; you are guaranteed of enjoying excellent performance from us.

Why the neccesity of speed limiter in Nigeria



The dangers of over-speeding can never be overemphasized. More than 40% of accidents that occur in Nigerian roads are traceable to over-speeding and / or drivers failing to comply with the traffic rules.
Stop over-speeding or watch your speeding schedule by installing a reliable speed limiter from our company. The speed limit device sold in our company was produced by great speed limiter manufacturers from technologically advanced countries of the globe.

Installing a speed limiter on your vehicle will never interfere with your vehicle components such as your vehicle’s brain box, engine power, and must meet the required FRSC traffic conditions.

Experience has given us relevance by giving us a competitive edge over our competitors. Installing and marketing speed limiters in Nigeria is one of the services we do, another one is that we engage in consultancy services and training on fleet management and road safety education.

Our consultancy services are given to our esteemed clients at a great rate- you will get complete value for your money. Our installers have received all the skilled training which have made them the right fit for the work. We are glad to let you know that honestly we are ahead of our competitors both in quality installation services and excellent delivery.

You can benefit from the largeness of our services in many ways, either by sending us an email right way, or by calling us on the phone or simply by walking down to our office. Whichever one you choose, you would be wowed at the quality of services you would receive.
We are available for work at all times. Our staffs are ready to attend to all your concerns 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year. It is up to you to contact us anytime you wish.

It is better to install a speed limiter than to face the embarrassment and subsequently getting your cars impounded by FRSC officials. Don’t allow that to happen. Do the needful of contacting us to do the work for you. We are here to serve to you and we are ever ready to start it right away.

So, it is left for you to feel to contact us anytime you wish. We know how to handle your concerns as a professional company. Without mincing words, we are super excited to see you on our company- it would be our pleasure to serve you.

We have high hopes that you will enjoy amazing services from us. After enjoying our services, we would also like you to recommend our services to your circle of friends, family and well-wishers.